The First Journal of the Year


Hello everyone and happy weekend! Today’s post is about a little tradition of mine. At the end of each year, I always keep a lookout for a new journal. Not to start right away, mind you, but one to set aside until the strike of midnight and the the arrival of the new year. This is because I love starting a new journal on the 1st of January, it’s like a fresh start.  

This year, I ended up starting with a brightly colored Kate Spade notebook. It’s something between emerald and teal, and the cover reads: IT’S WHAT’S INSIDE THAT COUNTS, in gold letters. (See above.) Normally, I don’t lean towards Kate Spade because her designs are just a tad too on the girly side for tomboyish me, but the quote on the cover just pulled me in. And, starting the year with something bright just seemed like a good plan. (Also, the paper in her stationary can handle fountain pen ink. Sorry Moleskine, but you’re out of the running.) I was lucky enough to find this in my neighborhood TJ Maxx for only $12.00. Can’t beat that.

I’ve been journaling for over a decade now, since my Junior year of high school when a wonderful teacher of mine (thank you Catherine Webster, and R.I.P.) introduced my class and I to the Freedom Writers and even gave us each our own composition notebooks. Ms. Webster encouraged us to be creative, to write whatever was on our minds even if we thought it was stupid, and more than anything, she instilled in us the knowledge that we all had voices that deserved to be heard. For that, I am eternally grateful.

So, what traditions do you have for the new year?


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5 thoughts on “The First Journal of the Year

  1. Ahh that’s a lovely journal, Mary! Great choice 🙂 TJ Maxx is one of my favorite places to shop; I spend the whole time I’m there browsing the stationary aisle, haha. xx

    Starting a new journal at the beginning of the year is a wonderful tradition, but I’ve only actually done that a few times in my life. I’m so happy you enjoy it! It is so nice to have a new journal for a new year 🙂


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